We are a company made of people and we are relentless when it comes to them. Our HR is one of our major distinctiveness. To give an example of its current capacity, the HR department recruits and selects several contributors on a monthly basis. The department has a strategic role in the operational structure of our company, and several sectors that provide customer support are directly coordinated by them.


We know how important quality is. That is not an area of the company but the permeation of a value with clear policies that are well defined across our people and departments. The processes of the quality management system are set and documented to promote continuous improvement in services and customer satisfaction.


Set of measures adopted in order to prevent potential workplace accidents, occupational diseases, as well as to protect the contributor’s integrity and capacity.


This department is responsible for training contributors, either to execute services that require specific skills or to coordinate other service updates. It identifies talents and creates development programs. The company encourages people to grow within the organization.


This department is responsible for managing customer service from implementation, execution and follow-up of every hired service. Its contributors and agile structure are intended to follow the daily work plan set forth in contract, as well as meeting customers’ needs in case of emergency.


Both departments work in order to build and consolidate the market positioning and the institutional image of the company. Their main focus is to offer innovative complete solutions in outsourced services, in addition to fostering, winning and retaining businesses that contribute to the sustainable growth of the company.


The department encompasses the civil and labor area; it is intended to bring peace of mind for customers and provide support to our company by formalizing agreements and relationships with all our customers, vendors and partners.


Outsource effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs offering fair prices and quality in the processes, ensuring the integration between people and customized technology according to the specificity of each customer.


Be a company recognized in the market by our efforts in continuous improvement, distinct service to each customer and optimized costs so we can always be the choice when it comes to outsourcing companies.


Clear, efficient and assertive communication with our external and internal customers. Transparency is our motto. Flexibility to adapt processes and sense of urgency. Owner’s eye. Speed with quality and effectiveness in meeting internal and external needs. Proactivity. The inherent GOOD in all relations.